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Plastic Flow Meters and Switches (KSK)
Flow Meters for very Low Flows (KSV)
Low Volume Variable Area Flow Meters/Monitors (SWK)
Full Metal Variable Area Flow Meter and Counter (BGN)
Float-Type Flow Meters and Switches in a Glass Protecting Tube (KHN)
Paddle Bellows and Flow Monitor for Liquids (FPS)
Paddle Flow Switch for Liquids (PSR)
Gear Wheel Flowmeter for Viscous Liquids (DOM)
Turbine Wheel Flow Meter for Liquids (DPE)
Compact Magnetic - Inductive Flow Meter (MIK)
Magnetic Inductive Flowmeter for Conductive Fluids (DMH)
Vortex Flowmeters Compact (DVZ)
Oscillation Flowmeter (DOG)
Coriolis Massflowmeter (TMU)
Rotatig Vane Flow Indicator (DAF)

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